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2007 Labsi International Conference

Political Economy and Public Choice: Theory and Experiments


27-29  September 2007
Certosa di Pontignano, Siena - Italy





Klaus Abbink, Jordi Brandts

Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Stefan Ambec, Alexis Garapin, Laurent Muller, Carine Sebi

The regulations of a common pool resource with heterogeneous agents: an experimental investigation

Benito Arruńada, Marco Casari

How enforcement institutions affect markets

Giuseppe Attanasi, Luca Corazzini, Francesco Passarelli

Voting as a lottery

Giuseppe Attanasi, Pierpaolo Battigalli, Rosemarie Nagel

Public Information of Psychological Preferences in One-Stage Trust Games: an experimental study

Fabrizio Balassone, Daniele Franco, Stefania Zotteri

The Reliability of EMU Fiscal Indicators: Risks and Safeguards

Raffaella Barone, Anna Grazia Quaranta

Banking Competition, Switching Costs and Customer Vulnerability

Abigail Barr, Danila Serra

Culture and Corruption

Valérie Berenger, Matthieu Llorca

Political determinants of the fiscal sustainability: evidence from six individual developed countries

Graziella Bertocchi

The Enfranchisement of Women and the Welfare State

Nicolao Bonini, Ilana Ritov, Michele Graffeo

When does a referent problem affect willingness to pay for a public good?

Luigi Bosco

Power, hierarchy and social preferences

Fabrizio Botti, Anna Conte, Daniela Di Cagno, Carlo D'Ippoliti

Laboratory versus Natural and Framed Field Experiments:Searching for the Counterfactual

Nancy Buchan, Gianluca Grimalda, Marilynn Brewer, Enrique Fatas, Margaret Foddy Rick Wilson

Globalisation And Propensity To Co-operate: Results From Multi-country Field Experiments

Antonio Cabrales, Raffaele Miniaci, Marco Piovesan, Giovanni Ponti

An Experiment On Markets And Contracts: Social Preferences Under The Veil Of Ignorance

Antonio Cabrales, Rosemarie Nagel, José V. Rodríguez-Mora

It is Hobbes, not Rousseau. An Experiment on Social Insurance

Alessandro Cappellini, Gianluigi Ferraris

Social Learning in Financial Markets

Anna Conte, Daniela Di Cagno, Emanuela Sciubba

Demand for Links and Convergence in Social Networks

Luca Corazzini, Marco Faravelli, Luca Stanca

A Prize to Give for: An Experiment on Public Good Funding Mechanisms

Giuseppe Cornicello

Household Saving and Wealth Effect: Evidence from UK

Zuzana Darmopilová, Jiří Špalek

Interest groups satisfaction as a factor of successuful healthcare reform policy (application of the game theory)

Daria Denti

Cleaning the World Doing Maths

Martin Duensing

Child support and custody arrangements in the bargaining family

Selim Jürgen Ergun

From Plurality Rule to Proportional Representation

Gabrielle Fack, Camille Landais

Are Fiscal Incentives Towards Charitable Giving Efficient ? Evidence from France

Luciano Fanti, Luca Gori

Long Run Output, Welfare and Fertility in a Neoclassical OLG Growth Model with Regulated Wage and Involuntary Unemployment

Mohammad Reza Farzanegan

Illegal Trade in the Iranian Economy: A MIMIC Approach

Annamaria Fiore, M. Vittoria Levati, Andrea Morone

Voluntary contributions with imperfect information: An experimental study

Sebastian Freille, M Emranul Haque, Richard Kneller

Decentralisation, corruption and economic development

Andrea Gallice

Some Social Welfare Implications of Behavioral Preferences

Stijn Goeminne, Carine Smolders

Vote expectations and pre-electoral tariff cuts in Flemish municipalities

Juan González Alegre

An Evaluation of EU regional policy. Do Structural Actions crowd-out Public Spending?

Lisa Grazzini, Alessandro Petretto

Voting on Devolution in a Federal Country with a Bicameral National System

Lenka Gregorova, Martin Gregor

Competition of Municipalities via Spending Composition: The Case of the Czech Republic

Veronika Grimm, Friederike Mengel

Cooperation in Viscous Populations - Experimental Evidence

Jens Großer, Tamar Kugler, Arthur Schram

Public Opinion Polls, Voter Turnout, and Welfare: An Experimental Study

Marina Grusevaja

Competition Law in Transformation:Impact of Transplanted Competition Law on the Effectiveness of Competition Policy as Economic Institution in Russia

Ravi Gurajala, Busenna Pesala, Martina Pignatti Morano

Provision of public goods through participatory planning: Inequality and Collective Action in Indian villages

Wolfgang Höechtl, Rupert Sausgruber, Jean-Robert Tyran

Selfishness, Fairness and Voting for Redistribution

Alessandro Innocenti, Maria Grazia Pazienza, Alessandra Rufa, Jacopo Semmoloni

Informational Cascades and Gaze Cascade Effect. An Eye-tracking Study

Ting Jiang

Mind the Corruption Club Trap

Serguei Kaniovski

The Exact Bias of the Banzhaf Measure of Power when Votes are Not Equiprobable and Independent

Fadi Kanso

Wages and Penalties in Fighting Hierarchical Corruption (The Case of Tax Administration)

Alexander Klos, Norbert Sträter

Global Games and Demand-Deposit Contracts: An Experimental Study of Bank Runs

Jaromir Kovarik

Beliefs, their formation and evolution: An Experiment

Michal Krawczyk

A glimpse through the veil of ignorance: equality of opportunity and support for redistribution

Vivian Lei, Steven Tucker, Filip Vesely

Forgive or Buy Back: An Experimental Study of Debt Relief

Andreas Leibbrandt, Raúl López-Pérez

The Envious Punisher:Understanding Second and Third Party Punishment with Simple Games

Dmitry Levando, Inna Kogan

A possible game behind an invisible hand: convergence from a short to the long run equilibrium for a large market with de-centralized trade

Vilen Lipatov

Tax Evasion and Coordination

Gianna Lotito

Resolute Choice in interaction: A qualitative experiment

Luini Luigi, P.L. Sabatini

Demand cross elasticity without substitutability. Evidence from a field experiment

Christoph March, Anthony Ziegelmeyer

A Bounded Rationality Model of Social Learning

Carla Marchese, Marcello Montefiori

Voting the public expenditure: an experiment

Abdoul Ganiou Mijiyawa

Inflation and Democracy in Former Extractive Colonies: Analysis with Instrumental Variables

Masoud Nili, Ideen Ali Riahi

Democratization in Resource Dependent Economies: A Theoretical Framework

Sanna Nurmikko

Survival of Political Leadership

Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano

Laffer curve in a non-Leviathan scenario, a real effort experiment

Joana Pais, Ágnes Pintér

School Choice and Information. An Experimental Study on Matching Mechanisms

László Paizs

Asymmetric diesel tax competition: theory and evidence for EU countries

Jharna Pathak

Contribution and performance of water use in Drinking water sector: case studies of municipalities

Marek Pavlík

Voting preferences as a factor affecting health care policy implementation

Anna Pellanda

The Demand for Contemporary Visual Art by Public Museums between Production and Use

Simone Pellegrino, Massimiliano Piacenza, Gilberto Turati

The runaway taxpayer. Or: Is prior audit effective in reducing tax evasion?

Robin Pope, Reinhard Selten, Johannes Kaiser, Jurgen von Hagen

The Underlying Cause of Unpredictability in Exchange Rates and Good Models of Exchange Rate Regime Selection:

Markéta Řežuchová

Alternative Arrangements for Providing Public Goods and Services

Tobias F. Rötheli

An Experimental Comparison of Monetary and Barter Exchange

Anna Ruocco, Ciro Rapacciuolo

Did the Economic Policy Matter for the Euro Area Growth? Some Empirical Evidence

Patrizia Sbriglia, Christophe Deissenberg

Strategic announcements in a macro policy game

Florian Schuett, Alexander Wagner

Evaluating political decision makers: With the benefit of hindsight bias?

Florina Semenescu

Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an Open Heterogeneous Monetary Union

Danila Serra

Bargaining for bribes:The role of moral costs and imperfect information

Jan Široký, Kateřina Maková

Theoretical approaches to measuring of the tax progressiveness (with the practical application)

Joël van der Weel

The Signalling Power of Sanctions in Collective Action Problems

Maria Vyshnya

Accumulation of Tax Arrears in Ukraine: Liquidity Problem or Rent – Seeking?

Galina Zudenkova

Income Redistribution under Sincere Lobbying Formation