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Marcello Basili (University of Siena)

Extreme events and Entropy. A generalized Quantile Utility Model

Michele Bernasconi (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), Luca Corazzini (Università di Padova), Anna Marenzi (Università dell’Insubria)

‘Expressive’ Obligations in Public Good Games: Crowding-in and Crowding-out Effects

Luigi Bosco (University of Siena)

Gender, power and altruism

Gabriele Camera (Purdue University and Fulbright Chair Siena University), Marco Casari (Università di Bologna)

Institutions for long-run cooperation: experiments on markets with frictions

Stephen L. Cheung (The University of Sydney)

Eliciting punishment strategies in a public good game

Paolo Crosetto (DEAS University of Milano, DPTEA Luiss Roma)

To patent or not to patent: a pilot experiment on incentive to copyright

Matthias Sutter (University of Innsbruck, University of Gothenburg, IZA Bonn), Simon Czermak (University of Innsbruck), Francesco Feri (University of Innsbruck)

Strategic sophistication of individuals and teams in experimental normal-form games

Luca Corazzini (University of Padua), Antonio Filippin (University of Milan), Paolo Vanin (University of Bologna)

The social context and the effect of alcohol consumption on economic

Andrea Gallice (University of Siena)

Self-serving biased reference points

Marco Faillo (University of Trento), Daniela Grieco (University of Verona), Luca Zarri (University of Verona)

Legitimate punishment, immunity, and the enforcement of cooperation

Alessandro Innocenti (University of Siena), Patrizia Lattarulo (IRPET Tuscany), Maria Grazia Pazienza (University of Firenze)

Heuristics and biases in travel mode choice

Andrea Isoni (University of Warwick)

An investigation of the role of focal points in bargaining

Graham Loomes (University of Warwick)

Transitivity: it's just not natural

Graham Loomes (University of Warwick), Jose Luis Pinto-Prades (Universidad Pablo de Olivade, Sevilla, Spain), Jose Maria Abellan-Perpinan (Universidad de Murcia, Spain), Eva Rodriguez-Miguez (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)

Modelling noise and imprecision in choice and valuation

Luigi Luini (University of Siena), Pierluigi Sabbatini (Italian Antitrust Authority)

Demand cross elasticity without substitutability: Evidence from an experiment

Guillaume Hollard, Sébastien Massoni, Jean-Christophe Vergnaud (CES, Université Paris 1)

Comparing three elicitation rules: the case of confidence in own performance

Alessandro Innocenti (University of Siena), Chiara Rapallini (University of Firenze)

An experimental analysis of the Tiebout’s model in a decentralized system of public goods provision

Arturo Palomba, Patrizia Sbriglia (University of Naples II)

Second mover advantage and Bertrand dynamic competition: an experiment