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2010 LabSi Conference


“Neuroscience and Decision Making”

Collegio S. Chiara, University of Siena, Italy

September 20 to 21, 2010



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Monday 20th September


Registration and Welcome Address


Keynote talk

Chair: Alessandro Innocenti

Angela Sirigu (CNRS Lyon)
Neuropsychology of human decision making

10:00-11:00 Session A. Neural Foundations of Decision Making

Chair: Alessandro Vercelli

Michela Balconi, Andrea Terenzi (Catholic University, Milan)
Neuropsychology of moral judgement, responsability and risk seeking: what in common?

Valeria Faralla (University of Siena), Francesca Benuzzi, Fausta Lui, Patrizia Baraldi, Paolo Nichelli, Nicola Dimitri
Gain and loss: a common neural network for economic behaviour


Coffee break

11:15-13:15 Session B. Learning and Risk Attitude in Decision Making

Chair: Alessandro Santoni

Gediminas Luksys (University of Basel)
Stress, noradrenaline and individual differences in model-based analyses of learning and decision making

Antonio Dell’Ava, Simona Conti, Letizia Vaccarella, Stefano Di Piazza, Antonio Rizzo (University of Siena)
The root of human knowledge and rationality: emulation vs imitation learning

Laura Moretti (CNRS Lyon), Valeria Faralla, Philippe Vindras, Angela Sirigu
Making economic decisions for other people: an exception to loss aversion law

Josef Schützeichel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Theresa Michl
A neuroeconomic perspective on age and risk-taking behavior

13.15-14.15 Lunch

Keynote talk

Chair: Stefano Fiori

Marcel Zeelenberg (Tilburg University)
What is moral about moral emotions?

15.15-16:45 Session C. Emotions in Decision Making

Chair: Sandro Nannini

Alessandro Grecucci (University of Trento), Cinzia Giorgetta, Mascha van’t Wout, Nicolao Bonini, Alan G. Sanfey
Emotional regulation in social decision-making: behavioral and neural evidence

Cinzia Giorgetta (University of Trento), Alessandro Grecucci, Nicolao Bonini, Giorgio Coricelli, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Cristhoph Braun, Alan G. Sanfey
Waves of regret: A MEG Study of emotion and decision-making

Christoph Lumer (University of Siena)
Emotional decisions - The induction-of-intrinsic-desires hypothesis


Coffee break

17:00-19:30 Session D. Evidence on the Neuroscientific Foundations of Decision Making

Chair: Alessandra Rufa

Angela Dalton (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Alan Brothers, Stephen Walsh, Paul Whitney
Expert Elicitation Method Selection Process and Method Comparison

Jordi Brandts, Orsola Garofalo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
How accountability and gender interact: Evidence from a laboratory experiment

William Jolley (Norwich University)
From habit to addiction: A study in online gambling behavior

Lavoslav Čaklović (University of Zagreb)
Self duality and conflict resolution

Georgios Halkias (Athens University), Flora Kokkinaki
Attention, memory, and evaluation of schema incongruent brand messages: An empirical study

20:30 Dinner

Tuesday 21th September


Keynote talk

Chair: Antonio Federico

Stefano Cappa (Università S. Raffaele Milano)
Regret and decision making


Session E. Probability and judgment in Decision Making

Chair: Antonio Federico

Dale Griffin (University of British Columbia), Lyle Brenner, Derek Koehler
Testing a Unified Two-System Model of Probability and Pricing Judgment

Giuseppe Attanasi (Toulouse School of Economics LERNA), Aldo Montesano
The price for information about probabilities and its relation with capacities


Coffee break


Session F. eye-tracking studies of decision making

Chair: Nicola Dimitri

Susann Fiedler (University of Erfurt, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods), Andreas Glöckner, Andreas Nicklisch
Information search and information integration in repeated Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (VCM) Games: An Eye-tracking analysis


Yukihiko Funaki, Ting Jiang (Tilburg University), Jan Potters
Eye-tracking Social Preferences


Francesco Fargnoli (University of Siena), Pamela Federighi, Nicola Polizzotto, Pietro Piu, Giacomo Veneri, Andrea Fagiolini, Antonio Federico, Alessandra Rufa
On multi-sensory integration: influence of pitch on visual attention and visual working memory for shapes. An eye tracking study.


Alessandra Rufa (University of Siena), Francesco Fargnoli, Pietro Piu, Elena Pretegiani, Pamela Federighi, Antonio Federico, Alessandro Innocenti
Eye-tracking and Decision making under uncertainty: An eye-tracking study


End of the conference