Monday 1th June

8:30-9:00        Welcome and Introduction

9:00-9:10        Jerry Fodor and Zenon Pylyshyn (Rutgers University)

                           “Prospects for a causal theory of reference” -- Introduction by Jerry Fodor

9:10-10:00      Zenon Pylyshyn (Rutgers University)

                            “Latest news from the laboratory: It's indexes all the way down”

10:00-10:50     Jerry Fodor (Rutgers University)

                            “Assuming that this is where we are, where do we go from here?

10:50-11:20     Coffee Break

11:20-12:10     Massimo Piattelli Palmarini (University of Arizona)

                            “What Darwin got wrong” (co-authored with Jerry Fodor)

12:10-13:00     Sandro Nannini (University of Siena)

                            “Why is Einstein’s relativity theory counter-intuitive? A naturalistic approach to

                                 the relation between real time and time intuition

13:00-14:30     Lunch

14:30-16:40     Young Researchers Session

                            Giuliano Bocci (University of Siena)

                                “On the insertion and the interpretation of intonational events

                            Sarah E. Murray (Rutgers University)

                                “Evidentials as not-at-issue assertion”

                            Irene Franco (University of Siena)

                                “Synctactic visibility of discourse related properties: the case of Scandinavian

                                    embedded V2

                            Carlotta Pavese (Rutgers University)

                                “Knowing how and the inner de se

                            Stefano Guidi (University of Siena)

                                “Probing the structure of a frame using goodness-of-fit

16:40-17:00     Coffee Break

17:00-17:50     Adriana Belletti, Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena)

                                “Complexity and intervention effects in grammar and performance:
                                        The acquisition of relative clauses.”

17:50-18:40     Marco Gori (University of Siena)

                                “On the birth of cognitive stages: Complexity Issues

18:40-19:30     Alessandro Innocenti (University of Siena)

                                “Cognitive economics in the lab: The power of labels

20:30     Social Dinner at Certosa di Pontignano

Tuesday 2th June

9:00-9:50     Ernest Lepore (Rutgers University)

                            “On agreement

9:50-10:40    Brian Mc Laughlin (Rutgers University)

                            “Existential feelings and monothematic delusions

10:40-11:10     Coffee break

11:10-12:50     Young Researchers Session

                                Sascia Pavan (University of Siena)

                                    “Indeterminacy and truth-functional connectives

                                William Starr (Rutgers University)

                                   “Conditionals, questions and content

                                Luca Tranchini (University of Siena)

                                    “Proofs and refutations: New directions in proof-theoretic semantics

                                Antonino Freno (University of Siena)

                                    “Hybrid random fields for scalable statistical learning

12:50-14:20     Lunch

14:20-15:10     Raffaella De Rosa (Rutgers University)

                                “Descartes and qualia

15:10-16:00     David Sosa (Texas University)

                                “The varieties of content

16:00-16:50     Gabriele Usberti (University of Siena)

                                “Williamson’s arguments against luminosity

16:50     End of the Workshop

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